Welcome to El Nahual! Here, we specialize in folk art and beautifully woven rugs by some of Oaxaca’s master weavers such as Erastro “Tito” Mendoza, who has created pieces for artists and singers including Lila Downs. Here you will also find high-end artwork by one of Mexico’s most famous living artists, Francisco Toledo. We also have a large selection of handmade Mexican crafts, clothing, and accessories. We are your one-stop-shop for unique gifts, home goods, and apparel from Oaxaca!

El Nahual:  Ancient Mexican traditions maintains that we were all born with a mystical relationship with a specific animal spirit that protects and guides us. This spirit is called a nahual, which derives from the Aztec, nahualli, meaning “covering” or “skin.” These terms refer to the nahual’s ability to transform itself into a half-man half-animal creature.

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