Handmade Crafts

Various villages around Oaxaca specialize in different forms of handmade crafts, each with its unique style of craftsmanship. Some of our favorite artist villages include San Martin Tilcajete, Arrazola, La Union and San Pedro Ixtlahuaca, San Antonino, Ocotlan de Morelos & Teotitlan del Valle. At El Nahual, we work directly with artisans to select and carry wood carvings that are unique to each village.

Traditionally carving is the special job of the man in the family, and the women paint the figures. But there are some female artisans who both carve and paint. Our selection of wood carvings come from knowledgeable, well-paid artisans who exhibit their pieces in countries throughout the world.

About the villages we work with:
In Arrazola carvers and painters produce more aesthetic figures of real or imagined animals painted with bright colors.

La Unión
The carvings from La Unión are very primitive, can be humorous and are decorated with non-gloss paint.

San Martin Tilcajete
San Martin has several artisans who produce humorous and imaginative figures such as ferris wheels and carousels with animals or devils and figurines of musicians and skeletons.

Only a few families from Telixtlahuaca make crafts that are rustic and unpainted and look like vintage art pieces and sculptures.

Ocotlan de Morelos 
 In Ocotlan we work with Leticia Garcia Aguilar.

Examples of our folkart:

 Músicos Cantores -- madera tallada y pintada a mano
Tepeyac--figura de barro modelada y pintada a mano 

Bolsas con bordados del istmo 

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